Sport Venues

The venues of the competition will be located in Donghua University in Songjiang District of Shanghai.

It is designed by famous designer Min Tang with latest designing concepts. The venues are composed of two main parts: one is the lead and the speed area, the other is the bouldering area.

The Lead and the Speed Area is outside the gymnasium. There are six speed ways on the wall with a height of 15 meters and 2 lead ways on the wall with a height of 18m. The official standardized Speed climbing wall meets the requirements to produce world records. The wall is equipped with awnings on the top to ensure the competition can be carried out at any weather conditions. Below is the datum about the audience area, reference area and the preparation area outside the gymnasium.

The audience area is designed to hold 1000+ people and 50+ press and media seats. The reference area is located between the competition area and audience area.

The warm-up area (so called Isolation Zone) consists of two adjacent area: a general area for relaxation and refreshment and an area equipped with a practice wall. There are toilets for both male and female competitors, cushioned mats and chairs for the competitors to perform stretching and relaxation in the area. There are also awnings on the roof to shed sunlight or rain. The practice wall is above 60 square meters, 4 meters high, providing at least one square meter for each competitor for each round of competition. The profile of the wall ranges from vertical to horizontal with the majority of the wall overhanging in excess of 10 degrees. The horizontal wall is similar to the competition wall.

The isolation zone is within five minutes walk away from the official competition area. No public telephones are allowed in warm-up area for the competitors. Only competitors, team officials and authorized officials are admitted in the zone.

The Event zone area is 825 m2 .

Audience area3442.45 m2

Referee’s area192 m2

Preparation area270 m2

Event zone825 m2

 The desinged sketches  of the lead and the speed wall



The bouldering area is inside the gymnasium and the event area is around 180 m2. Wall height is 4m with 3-Dimensional structure as per Norms and it is capable of having at least 8 routes running simultaneously. Each route has a width of 3 meters and mats are made according with Norms.  

The gymnasium of Donghua University


Donghua Campus