The 1st World University Sport Climbing Championships Opened in Donghua University

    October 12th, the 1st world university sport climbing championship hosted by the International University Sports Federation (hereinafter referred to as the FISU ) Chinese University Sports Association, Donghua University opening at the opening of the Songjiang campus of the Donghua University, co-hosted by the International Federation of climbing and mountaineering Association, Chinese Chinese University Sports Association Branch climbing Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and the Shanghai municipal government of Songjiang District. The vice president of FISU, Secretary General of the Joint Secretariat of the students’ Sports Association of the Ministry of Education, full-time vice chairman and Secretary General of Chinese University Students’ Sports Association Yang Liguo, the Executive member of FISU Igarashi Hisato, the director of the Mountaineering management center of the State Sports General Administration Li Zhixin, Shanghai City Education Committee Party inspector Li Ruiyang, the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the competition, President of the Donghua University Jiang Changjun, and guests attended the opening ceremony. Jiang Changjun, Igarashi Hisato on behalf of Donghua University and FISU made speeches at the opening ceremony, Yang Liguo announced the opening of the championships.As the top event of the world university climbing, the championship is the FISU for the first time to held the highest standard of rock climbing competition, attracted 119 students from Chinese, Russia and the United States, Australia and other 17 countries. It is a new platform the FISU creates for world university climbing athletes, at the same time, it also brings new opportunities for the development of Chinese college students' sports.

    Today is the first day of rock climbing competition. It is the male and the female speed qualification and final. Athletes from 22 countries , march forward courageously at the Donghua University. The athletes are flexible, the audience are excited, what a group of young blood! I was most impressed by the player Anna from Poland, she only took 8.57 seconds to climb the 15 meters vertical track. She looked like flying on the rock, and even more powerful than the boys.The time of the race is always very fast, after several up and down, the first day of the race has ended. What A full day! Not made dizzy with success, nor discouraged by failure. To meet the new glory!!!

    It is understood that, this competition will last until October 16th, set the speed, difficulty, climbing 3 categories. A total of 22 college students participated in the competition in China. They are from Donghua University, China University of Geo sciences, Tongji University and other 9 universities. in 5 days of competition, ‘Spider man’ across the world will be a showdown at Songjiang campus of Donghua University.

                                             Reporter: Liang 


                                             Translator: Chen