Report on Male and Female Lead Qualification

 It’s the 2nd day of championship. And the male lead qualification and male bouldering qualification are the major events today. It is a challenge not only for the speed, but also for the difficulty and strength.

 The grade of the competitors is distinguished by the difficulty degree of the climbing route and it is decided by the height the competitors reaches in a given time. In the competition, the competitors are protected by necessary ropes. In general, the height of the climbing wall is 15 meters, and the climbing route is designed according to the competitors’ abilities. For all, the roof-type climbing wall is the most difficult.

In this championship, the roof-type climbing is extremely difficult. The next supporting point and the marching direction should be taken into consideration even it is a short distance. Their every achievement is consisted of their interminable training in daily life and excellent performance in competition.

There are only admiration for national athletes, as well as their wonderful performance of praise after a game. Today's men's and women's group lead qualification, the whole game is funny, especially with the narrator's explanation. One of the Japanese athletes is very interesting, she is solid and climbing up step by step. However, we guessed the beginning but did not guess the outcome, the quickly fell from the position that is only 2 meters away from the top. The commentator quipped: Are not you a veteran? Everyone laughed, the whole scene are cheered up.

How time flies! The game of today is over. Volunteers’ dedication, the staff’s diligence, and the athletes’ bravery to scale the heights impress us deeply. How wonderful and pleasant the day.

Reporter: Liang Hongmin

Translator: Zhou Yan