1st World University Sport Climbing Championship News Release

On Oct.14th 2016, the competition has taken a half. Today’s rain never cut down the enthusiasms of athletes and the competition was still on. The main competitions today were Male/Female Lead Semi-final and Male/Female Bouldering Semi-final, all of which were battles between the strong, and every contestant had already made full preparations for the games.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Male/ Female Lead Semi-final started officially. When the pregame warm-up was over, the audience were looking forward to the game in the auditorium and were discussing who would be the winner of today’s competition and whose performance was the most outstanding one in the previous games. Although it was a little bit cool in Shanghai these days, there was not a single seat available in the auditorium and some spectators were even standing to watch the competition.

only when you stand on the top of the highest mountain, you can see others are small. Rock climbing has attracted countless fans with its unique sense of conquest when climb up. Especially the Lead is not only test the climber's climbing skills, but also the strong wills. The whole competition, most of the athletes climbed to the half way, and there is less to the top. Mostly due to physical overdraft, or chose the improper focus. So rock climbing is a sport of wisdom and strength.

At 2:00pm, male/female bouldering semi-final is carried out in the gym. Bouldering climbing is the most primitive and natural climbing style, in which the competitors are not allowed to use any other tools or equipment except climbing shoes. A spectator expressed his love of climbing. He said :”Climbing is a kind of sports which can sharpen our wits. I saw these athletes climbed on such high race, which can’t leave the hard training behind them.

  The competition is over as dust comes, and an excellent party is waiting for the Chinese and foreign competitors. The art troupe of Donghua university as well as all the team members show folk music ensemble, the solo Yinghanhong, chorus Rock Around the Clock, etc. All the performances represent the best wishes of Donghua university for the championship. Which deeply impressed me is Donghua chorus sing a Auld Lang Synewith all the actors all over the world. It’s not a simple song, it’s also a song about the friendship between university student .Wish wish the friendship is everlasting and unchanging between athletes all over the world.

Reporter: Liang Hongmin

Translator: Ju Jianing