Male/Female Lead Final

A new day, a new begin. Today is the forth day of championships and the game has entered a white hot state. Today, Female Lead Final and Male Lead Final was taking the field. In the final competitons,all of athletes tried their best to get the fisrt prize. Everyone well prepared for the last competiton.

Today is a good day. No rain, no scorching sun,just have the ambition of athletes. Today is Saturday, some of sports amateurs come to Donghua to watch the First World University Championships with their families. 

Famle lead final palyed on 15th morning. After the beginning of the match, athletes like dancers on the cilmbing walls. Everyone expressed their understangding of sports spirits by their efforts. That is worth mentioning that Julia finally cilmbed to the top and got the first prize.

In the afternoon, the male lead final which is more exciting and more challenging will begin.Leaping small eaves is difficult because there are small and little rocks so that attracts more viewers stop to enjoy.Although many athletes accidentally fall due to the raised rocks, they never give up.Their spirit of preseverance won the audiences ' applause. Finally, they give us a visual feast.

When the finals come, it's also the time for the departure.Through the interviews of all Chinese and foreign athletes these days, we have deepen our friendship. Our hearts are full of sadness at this moment.However, just as the saying goes: departure is for the better meeting. We hope that we can see their wonderful performance in the coming year.

Reporter: Liang Hongmin

                                               Translator: Ju Jianing