Warriors of war

Today is the last day of the competetion and the male/female bouldering final comes to an end. The bouldering final is an indoor competetion and the room is crowded with audiences.The small stadium is full of enthusiasm and high courage of the athletes.Although it’s the last day, their courage to climb the heights did not diminish.

October 16th at ten am, the Bouldering Final started. It is often said that the bouldering is like the growth of life , bending and difficult, need us to use the power and wisdom to overcome. When you get to the top, you will feel proud and shine like diamond. The athletes observed the rock underground, thought hard then started to climb. They were all trying best to show themselves. Even though there were some people falling down from the sky, they wouldn’t give up climbing. They tried again and again until the end of the competition.

At 2:30pm, the championship ends up with the exciting bouldering final. And then the closing ceremony is held in the gym. The distinguished guests presented are as follows: Donghua University Party secretary Zhu Min, director of the Mountain Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and Chairman of China Mountaineering Association Li Zhixin, deputy director of Songjiang campus, deputy Party secretary Cui Yunhua, vice-president Li Yongzhi, deputy Party secretary Jin Haiyan, executive of the Federation of World University Sports Hisato Igrashi, President of the International Climbing Federation Marco Scolaris, Technical officer of the Federation of World University Sports Jerome Meyer, Qualification Officer of the Federation of World University Sports Nihat Doker. Representatives from all over the world address on the ceremony. At last, the leaders make a conclusion of the championship and express best wishes for them. We hope all the competitors in the championship will make greater achievements in the future.

The first World University Sport Climbing Championship is a complete success, and we wish the athletes were ready to go on the road of rock climbing.

But the real brave men dare to face the bleak life, dare to face the steep rock. Every athlete in the competition is a real warrior. We applaud them and be proud of them.