Welcome Paulo Ferreira to Donghua University!

An Inspection Visit for 2016 WUC Sport  Climbing

On  October 12th, International University Sports Federation (FISU) and  International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) officials paid an inspection  visit to Donghua University for the preparation for the 2016 World University  Championship (WUC) of Sport Climbing.

Mr. Zhu  Min, Chairman of the University Board, met with the delegation. On behalf of the  Organizing Committee of WUC Sports Climbing 2016, Mr. Luo Yihua, Vice Chairman  of the University Board, reported on the preparation to the delegation in terms  of venue, programming, marketing, support team and volunteer recruitment and  hoped with the help of FISU and IFSC, Donghua University would spare no effort  to make the event every success.

The  officials expressed their satisfaction and gratefulness for the inspection  report and preparations made for WUC Sport Climbing 2016. During the meeting,  the Inspection Team and the Organizing Committee had detailed discussions over  potential problems and questions within the proposal. After the meeting, the  Inspection Team also inspected the accommodations provided for the participating  teams next year, the will-be sport climbing fields as well as Donghua Campus and  its surroundings.