Introduction of the 1ST World University Sport Climbing Championship

After the FISU Executive Committee vote, and approved by the international department Ministry of Education, on October 12th—16th 2016, the 1ST World University Sport Climbing Championship will be hold in Shanghai Donghua University. This competition is the first world university sport climbing championship game. It is alsos a new platform for the whole world climbing athletes built by Fisu. It is one of the top event world university sport climbing with large scale and unprecedented.

According to international practice, the disciplines of this competition includes Men Lead, Women Lead, Men Speed, Women Speed, Men Bouldering, Women Bouldering Men Speed Relay, Women Speed Relay. Organization includes International University Sports Federation (FISU), Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC), Chinese University Rock Climbing Association (CURCA), Donghua University (DHU).The competition will take place under the principle of fairness and justice,all referees have been certified by IFSC.

Competition Location: Donghua University, Songjiang District, Shanghai. Event Date: October 12th16th 2016. At that time, there will be many famous media coverage to the world, each player is not only fight for himself, but also fight for their own country!

Welcome the highest level college students in various countries to create a new milestone in the sport climbing world.